H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan Al-Qasimi library is a personal treasure furnished with rare books and valuable at the same time. The Library of Congress Classification (LCC) system is the system applied; as the archival library is divided into two sections: “Arabic and Non-Arabic”. Each section contains rare books tackling the history of the Gulf area as interpreted in Arabic and Non-Arabic references. Non-Arabic references cover historical subjects related to the occupation endured by the Gulf area in general and the history of the United Arab Emirates as well as the Arabian Peninsula in particular. In addition, such section contains some books of other fields such as arts, architecture, literature, economy and many books on Islam. Thousands of books written in almost thirty foreign languages such as: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Persian can be found in the library. It is worth mentioning that the Portuguese collection is deemed to be a key tool for researchers seeking to comprehend the history of the Gulf area ever since the early stages of the sixteenth century. Besides, the phase of the British presence in the Gulf area is tackled in details within the official British resources we own. Moreover, the library contains two modern devices aiding researchers to conduct self-dependant search activities and to make copies (scanning) of sought information as book borrowing is not applicable. Paintings of rare historical books are also found in the archival library.
On the other hand, the Arabic section tackles the history of the Gulf area as well as the history of Egypt. It also contains books on archaeology, literature, Islam and other fields of knowledge.